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Cummins Engine Turbocharger

? Spare Parts ? Cummins Engine Parts ? Cummins Engine Turbocharger

Cummins Engine Turbocharger

Cummins Engine Parts

The Below Turbocharger engine parts are possible for the 4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/ISZ/NT855/KT19/
KT38/KT50/ISF2.8/ISF3.8/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

  • Specifications

Cummins Engine Turbocharger

Part No. Part Name Part No. Part Name
C2837412 Cummins 4BT Turbocharger C4050195 Cummins China Turbocharger
C2839318 Cummins 4BT Turbocharger C4050198 Cummins China Turbocharger
A3960038 Cummins 4BT Turbocharger C4050200 Cummins China Turbocharger
C3960407 Cummins 4BT Turbocharger C4050202 Cummins China Turbocharger
C3960740 Cummins 4BT Turbocharger C4050204 Cummins China Turbocharger
C4040382 Cummins 4BT Turbocharger C4050206 Cummins China Turbocharger
C2834535 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4050207 Cummins China Turbocharger
C2834797 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4050208 Cummins China Turbocharger
C2834799 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4050213 Cummins Turbocharger
C2834821 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4050236 Cummins Turbocharger
C2834823 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4050237 Cummins Turbocharger
C2839354 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4050241 Cummins Turbocharger
C2840195 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4050242 Cummins Turbocharger
C2841698 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4050259 Cummins Turbocharger
A3919119 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4050268 Cummins Turbocharger
A3919121 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4050298 Cummins Turbocharger
A3919151 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051033 Cummins Turbocharger
C2839387 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051052 Cummins Turbocharger
A3960408 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051054 Cummins Turbocharger
A3960413 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051057 Cummins Turbocharger
A3960454 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051058 Cummins Turbocharger
A3960478 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051093 Cummins Turbocharger
A3960479 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051101 Cummins Turbocharger
A3960503 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051120 Cummins Turbocharger
A3960697 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051122 Cummins Turbocharger
C4029160 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051133 Cummins Turbocharger
4043283 Cummins 6BT Turbocharger C4051138 Cummins Turbocharger
C2834336 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051162 Cummins Turbocharger
C2839128 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051185 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2836739 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051188 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2840947 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051189 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2841504 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051195 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2842849 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051198 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2843792 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051207 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C3528794 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051209 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C3535636 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051217 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C3537288 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051230 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C3767755 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051231 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C3767900 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051235 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C3770221 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051239 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C3772299 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051241 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C4029181 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051246 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C4029018 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051298 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C4029094 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051299 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C4029184 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051300 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C4050217 Cummins 6CT Turbocharger C4051317 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2834338 Cummins 6LT Turbocharger C4051321 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2838287 Cummins 6LT Turbocharger C4051323 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2841270 Cummins 6LT Turbocharger C4051335 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2842807 Cummins 6LT Turbocharger C4051337 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
3594360 Cummins ISBe Turbocharger C4051343 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
3594361 Cummins ISBe Turbocharger C4051367 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
4025329 Cummins ISBe Turbocharger C4051368 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
4047762 Cummins ISBe Turbocharger C4051384 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2834302 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051389 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2839487 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051390 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2839489 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051404 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2834176 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051420 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2842248 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051422 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2839315 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051430 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2837154 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051431 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2839317 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051432 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2839319 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051438 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
3538731 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051448 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
3592655 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4051457 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
3593379 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4929603 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
3595508 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4982530 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
4047746 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger C4988426 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
4047758 Cummins ISDe Turbocharger D2834172 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2834174 Cummins ISLe Turbocharger D3535635 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger
C2835419 Cummins ISLe Turbocharger D3535638 Cummins China Turbocharger
C2835420 Cummins ISLe Turbocharger D3537128 Cummins China Turbocharger
C2836276 Cummins ISLe Turbocharger D3537558 Cummins China Turbocharger
C3772604 Cummins ISLe Turbocharger D3538633 Cummins China Turbocharger
3768213 Cummins ISLe Turbocharger D3538731 Cummins China Turbocharger
3768215 Cummins ISLe Turbocharger D3592655 Cummins China Turbocharger
3768216 Cummins ISLe Turbocharger D3595508 Cummins China Turbocharger
3790714 Cummins ISLe Turbocharger D4041406 Cummins China Turbocharger
3790717 Cummins ISLe Turbocharger D4041408 Cummins China Turbocharger
4936506 Cummins China Turbocharger D4041555 Cummins China Turbocharger
4936511 Cummins China Turbocharger D4042719 Cummins China Turbocharger
3596598 Cummins China Turbocharger D4043281 Cummins China Turbocharger
3599492 Cummins China Turbocharger D4043282 Cummins China Turbocharger
4039493 Cummins China Turbocharger D4043284 Cummins China Turbocharger
4039503 Cummins China Turbocharger D4043402 Cummins China Turbocharger
4042715 Cummins China Turbocharger D4043403 Cummins China Turbocharger
4047752 Cummins China Turbocharger D4043976 Cummins China Turbocharger
4939452 Cummins Turbocharger D4043977 Cummins China Turbocharger
C4035190 Cummins Turbocharger D4043978 Cummins China Turbocharger
A3960559 Cummins Turbocharger D4043981 Cummins China Turbocharger
A3960566 Cummins Turbocharger D4043982 Cummins China Turbocharger
A3960567 Cummins Turbocharger D4044051 Cummins China Turbocharger
A3960630 Cummins Turbocharger D4044155 Cummins China Turbocharger
C3537558 Cummins Turbocharger D4044409 Cummins China Turbocharger
C3539208 Cummins Turbocharger D4045054 Cummins China Turbocharger
C3598814 Cummins Turbocharger Z3900091 Cummins China Turbocharger
C3960404 Cummins Turbocharger Z3900111 Cummins China Turbocharger
3592111 Cummins Turbocharger Z3900167 Cummins China Turbocharger
A3960904 Cummins Turbocharger Z3900168 Cummins China Turbocharger
A3960905 Cummins Turbocharger Z3900318 Cummins China Turbocharger
A3960707 Cummins Turbocharger Z3900465 Cummins China Turbocharger
A3960777 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger Z3900485 Cummins China Turbocharger
A3960818 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger Z3900626 Cummins China Turbocharger
C3971920 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger C4050004 Cummins China Turbocharger
C3960404 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger Z3900629 Cummins China Turbocharger
C3971920 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3018067 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C3971921 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3026924 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C3971922 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3032060 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C3971923 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3527046 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C3971924 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3527547 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4029100 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3529032 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4029110 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3529035 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4029195 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3529040 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4031503 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3529041 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4035189 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3803199 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4035190 Cummins China Turbocharger 3803270 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4035200 Cummins China Turbocharger 4033541 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4035201 Cummins China Turbocharger 4033543 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4035202 Cummins China Turbocharger 4033815 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4035208 Cummins China Turbocharger 4049441 Cummins NT855 Turbocharger
C4035214 Cummins China Turbocharger 2882021 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4035215 Cummins China Turbocharger 3594028 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4035218 Cummins China Turbocharger 3594044 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4035472 Cummins China Turbocharger 3594061 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4035473 Cummins China Turbocharger 3594086 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4035483 Cummins China Turbocharger 3594118 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4038000 Cummins China Turbocharger 3594134 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4038003 Cummins China Turbocharger 3594140 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4038908 Cummins China Turbocharger 3767944 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4039781 Cummins China Turbocharger 3769994 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4040204 Cummins Turbocharger 3769996 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4040383 Cummins Turbocharger 4038943 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4041555 Cummins Turbocharger 4040240 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4043245 Cummins Turbocharger 4040241 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4043247 Cummins Turbocharger 4043624 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4043249 Cummins Turbocharger 4043625 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4043283 Cummins Turbocharger 4061405 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4043975 Cummins Turbocharger 4951982 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4044493 Cummins Turbocharger 4955663 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4044647 Cummins Turbocharger 4956145 Cummins KT19 Turbocharger
C4044648 Cummins Turbocharger 4050244 Cummins M11 Turbocharger
C4044649 Cummins Turbocharger 4051099 Cummins M11 Turbocharger
C4044650 Cummins Turbocharger 4051100 Cummins M11 Turbocharger
C4044651 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594039 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4044652 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594041 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4044946 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594097 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4044947 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594098 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4045076 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594120 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4045077 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594121 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4045184 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594133 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4045400 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594173 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4045429 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594175 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4045570 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3769997 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4045572 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3769998 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4045759 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 4037725 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4046272 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 4037726 Cummins KT38 Turbocharger
C4046383 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3533198 Cummins KT50 Turbocharger
C4046498 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594102 Cummins KT50 Turbocharger
C4046557 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594164 Cummins KT50 Turbocharger
C4046558 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594165 Cummins KT50 Turbocharger
C3777594 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594182 Cummins KT50 Turbocharger
C4047105 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3594183 Cummins KT50 Turbocharger
C4047312 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3803662 Cummins KT50 Turbocharger
C4047313 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 4044403 Cummins KT50 Turbocharger
C4047354 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 4044404 Cummins KT50 Turbocharger
C4047582 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 4914161 Cummins Turbocharger
C4047744 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 4914171 Cummins Turbocharger
C4047746 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 2843414X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4047748 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3590045X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4047750 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3592776X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4047756 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3592779X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4047758 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3592783X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4047760 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3593607X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4048417 Dongfeng Cummins Turbocharger 3593598X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4049415 Cummins China Turbocharger 3593600X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4049835 Cummins China Turbocharger 3593609X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4049983 Cummins China Turbocharger 3775179X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4050031 Cummins China Turbocharger 4039196X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4050032 Cummins China Turbocharger 4046026X Cummins ISM/QSM11 Turbocharger
C4050033 Cummins China Turbocharger 2834188 Cummins ISF2.8 Turbocharger
C4050038 Cummins China Turbocharger 3774229 Cummins ISF2.8 Turbocharger
C4050053 Cummins China Turbocharger 3774234 Cummins ISF2.8 Turbocharger
C4050061 Cummins China Turbocharger 3777058 Cummins ISF2.8 Turbocharger
C4050063 Cummins China Turbocharger 4033880 Cummins ISF2.8 Turbocharger
C4050155 Cummins China Turbocharger 2840685 Cummins ISF3.8 Turbocharger
C4050165 Cummins China Turbocharger 2836258 Cummins ISF3.8 Turbocharger
C4050166 Cummins China Turbocharger 3773122 Cummins ISF3.8 Turbocharger
C4050167 Cummins China Turbocharger 3772742 Cummins ISF3.8 Turbocharger
C4050168 Cummins China Turbocharger 3777896 Cummins ISF3.8 Turbocharger

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